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A request from my super lovely best friend, who wanted the AH Mario Party Crew being… The AH Mario Party Crew!

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Charlie Sheen smokes crack live in a web-chat and they make him the highest paid actor on television.

An 18-year-old black person smokes a blunt and he is unfit to live.

I see you white power.

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Not to mention Rob Ford still being allowed to hold office after admitting to a crack addiction and alcoholism, tackling a representative, etc.

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Site Update: Doctor Who - Episode 803 HQ Tagless Stills x14
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Have you ever seen brown eyes in the sun? You don’t always notice it at first but you’ll see that ‘brown’ no longer describes them. They melt into golden rays, circling an eclipse. There’s nothing boring about brown eyes, not even when the later hours encroach; they just turn into a sunset of their own. 

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So I’m moving into a new apartment, and I was told that the room had been damaged, but nothing could have prepared me for the fact that someone had carved Li Shang’s head out of the bathroom door and written “We must defeat the Huns!” on it.


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bisexual means you can only like 2 things i’ve chosen drinking and wizards

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